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The servers name were: MysticHero, JotaCraft, SkyKingdoms, Slo survival.
MysticHero: Mod, 50+ players on day, 4 months
JotaCraft: Mod, 40+ players on day, 2 months
SkyKingdoms: Helper, 150+ players on day, 2 months
Slo survival: Helper 35+ players on day, 2 months

(I don't remember more servers names)

about 1 month ago

My first name: John

My Minecraft Username: TastefulBas (for now)

My Timezone: GMT+1

My Age: 14

My favourite gamemode: Survival, SkyPvP, Factions, HungerGames

Regular Questions


Why would you like to be staff?: I would like to help to server and other players with suggestions.

What will you be doing to improve our server?: I would make some youtube videos, invite people/friends. I want to make all things better.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?: Because I was Staff on many other servers. I'm trustworthy, and I like to help anyone.

How active are you on our server?: In weekends I'm online for 5+ hours in weekdays I can be online for 3+ hours.

Do you have any previous experience?: Yes, a lot.

Have you ever been banned before?: Yes, on one random server for no reason (Owner thought I had nuker) On this server I never been banned.



Is there anything else we should know?: I don't think so.

Scenario Questions


You catch your friend breaking the server rules. What do you do?: I would warn him, and try to calm down him. If he do same thing again I would mute/kick him.

You noticed that one of our servers are offline. What do you do?: I would quickly contact Owner.

You are asked a question by a player, but don't know the answer. What do you do?: I will search on Google or somewhere else, If I couldn't find the right answer I would apologize to player.

You are arguing with a player who starts attacking you verbally. What do you do?: I would stop attack. If player keeps attacking me I would contact higher Staff.



You are engaged in a (political) discussion and disagree. How do you state your opinion?: (I don't understand the question)

about 1 month ago