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Username: PigMatt

Reason: Freezing Game

Date of Ban: 2020-02-16

Are you guilty?: Yes

Clicking Method: Normal lol

Version/Client Used: Vanilla

Mods I Own: Labymod (Wasn't Using)

Punishment Platform: In-Game (HCF)

Why should you be unbanned?: I apologize for freezing my game, I did it as a joke after my friends got banned for breaking the rules. It was immature of me. I think I should be unbanned because I didn't use it in a malicious way, and I took all the damage after anyways (I did it mid-fall).

In the future, I will not freeze my game or break any rules even if it is a joke. Thanks for considering my appeal.

2 days ago

My IGN: PigMatt#0001
Platform: (Discord, server, forums). DISCORD
Punished by: J0sh
Reason: spam leave joining
Date of punishment: idk
Why you should be unbanned/unmuted: I should be unbanned from MORTALMC due to not cheating. I logged in to play kitpvp and saw JOSH online, therefore it would be dumb for me to hack. I have applied on the server multiple times and plan to do so again in the future so hacking would be stupid. I was on and pvping on kitpvp for around 10-15 minutes before being false banned by JOSH.

12 days ago

Why do you need so many staff members?

29 days ago