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Bawan: 3 months ago
Hello, my name is Bawan I am 15 I play factions regularly, I am not the best at pvp but I do try I have had about 3 years of faction experience and I hope to continue that thanks bye 👋



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Name: Bawan



Hours Played: Too much ( 82hours 1minute)


Have i been staff before? Yes on this server 

Do you have previouse experience? Yes

Why am i applying? to be honest i applied because i want to be staff and most staff are not online like me.

Have i ever been banned on MortalMc before? Yes but it was for a tiny bit of abuse, which almost caused players to leave the server.

Do you think from last time you deserve this role? Yes as now there is training that will help anyone so staff are trained by the best.

Scenario question's

If a player give a threat that he will "DDOS the server" What would you do? I would blacklist the player as in the rules it shows it is a blacklist.

If a player is giving threats to players what would you do? I would warn them and if they start cussing i would mute them for 1 hour for cussing and threating.

If you was the only staff member online and someone started botting the server what would you do? I would mute chat then clear chat then ask for a higher rank to ban or /bot them.

Thank you for taking your time reading this application i respect any decision made.

about 1 month ago