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@pigmatt you're not staff manager, you can't decide how many staff to hire, it's completely their decision and we have a lot of staff due to upgrading to a network.

28 days ago

  • My first name: Private.
  • My Minecraft Username: Hitthetarget56
  • My Timezone: GMT
  • My Age: DM on discord to find out.
  • My Discord name and tag: Hitthetarget56#3112
  • My favourite gamemode on the network: Factions / Skyblock when it releases.

Regular Questions

  • Why would you like to be staff?: I would like to be staff to get a different experience from developer and to try new things, as I enjoy developer however I'd love to work through the ranks of Trial Moderator to Admin.
  • What will you be doing to improve our server?: Moderating the chat.
  • Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I am trustworthy, as you've known me for a long time.
  • How active are you on our server?: I can be on every day.
  • Do you have any previous experience?:
  • Yes, I was owner here for a month before resigning.
  • Have you ever been banned before?:
  • Nope!


  • Is there anything else we should know?: Nope!

Scenario Questions

  • You catch your friend breaking the server rules. What do you do?: Punish them as I would with every user.
  • You noticed that one of our servers are offline. What do you do?: Contact a developer / high staff member.
  • You are asked a question by a player, but don't know the answer. What do you do?: I would ask in staff chat or direct them to someone who does know.
  • You are arguing with a player who starts attacking you verbally. What do you do?: Mute them if they break any chat offences and change the topic of the conversation.


  • You are engaged in a (political) discussion and disagree. How do you state your opinion?: I would try to change the conversation and I wouldn't get involved.

Thanks for reading!

29 days ago