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  • My first name: Michael
  • My Minecraft Username: Catralion
  • My Timezone: 4-9
  • My Age: 13
  • My Discord name and tag: Cpzas#3999
  • My favourite gamemode on the network: idk

Regular Questions

  • Why would you like to be staff?: Becuse i dont have a life
  • What will you be doing to improve our server?: build catch hackers and get a life
  • Why should we choose you over other applicants?: becuse i am good and no life
  • How active are you on our server?: every day
  • Do you have any previous experience?: nah
  • Have you ever been banned before?: Nope
  • Is there anything else we should know?: i have none life

Scenario Questions

  • You catch your friend breaking the server rules. What do you do?: say to him you have one last chance 
  • You noticed that one of our servers are offline. What do you do?: say to josh
  • You are asked a question by a player, but don't know the answer. What do you do?: say wait a sec and ask a another staff
  • You are arguing with a player who starts attacking you verbally. What do you do?: idk


  • You are engaged in a (political) discussion and disagree. How do you state your opinion?: I say I don't know
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