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About Me

  • My first name: I don't feel comfortable disclosing this information
  • My Minecraft Username: Beaverman1
  • My Timezone: CST
  • My Age: 13
  • My Discord name and tag: Beaverman#2742
  • My favourite gamemode on the network: Skyblock isn't out yet but i'm sure it'll be that

Regular Questions

  • Why would you like to be staff?: I played the skyblock server for awhile and really enjoyed it, though i felt it lacked a lot of activity by staff, I think I could really help this server out in many different ways.
  • What will you be doing to improve our server?: By Helping new players when they join, being active on the discord and helping out. I've played minecraft for awhile so I can help players out with any questions about the game.
  • Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I plan to be active on the skyblock server and play as much as I can. I'm also from America so I can be on at times players from Europe can't be on.
  • How active are you on our server?: I haven't been active since I don't enjoy factons as much, But come time for Skyblock i'll be on as much as i can everyday, it depends on school but I can be on everyday for at least an hour.
  • Do you have any previous experience?: Not on any serious servers.
  • Have you ever been banned before?: Not on this server if thats what you're asking.


  • Is there anything else we should know?: No.

Scenario Questions

  • You catch your friend breaking the server rules. What do you do?: treat them as I would anyone else.
  • You noticed that one of our servers are offline. What do you do?: Contact an upper staff members about it.
  • You are asked a question by a player, but don't know the answer. What do you do?: Ask it in staff chat about it. And Assure them i'm attempting to find out
  • You are arguing with a player who starts attacking you verbally. What do you do?: Warn them not to do that, If they keep doing it I will give them the proper punishment.


  • You are engaged in a (political) discussion and disagree. How do you state your opinion? Well 1st of all, I try to stay away from politics as it's not really a fun topic for a minecraft server. But lets say I am. I would state my opinion in a nice way, not try to be mean to the member i'm debating.
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