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by Reblxtemp3r » about 1 month ago

Hey everyone, SOTW was Friday and we ran into some bugs which were fixed relatively quickly.


- Creepers now spawn

- Zombie Pigmen drops have been lowered by a considerable amount 

- Fixed some backend issues 


We also announced a couple of things on our discord. 

At the start of February we are going to be releasing our hub which is where you will be placed before heading over to factions. This is so we can add other gamemodes in the future. 
 We also announced that we will be releasing HCF and Practice pvp by the end of February.


The management team have decided that we are going to be releasing Practice 1.0 before HCF. This is so we have more time to setup and perfect hcf and players can play Practice whilst waiting for HCF. A set date for HCF and Practice is currently unknown however we estimate practice will be before the end of February and hcf will be before the end of march.


The date we release the hub there will be an estimated downtime of around 2 hours whilst we do multiple things

1) Transfer factions files to an upgraded server

2) Do finishing touches to the hub and upload files

3) Do finishing touches to the proxy and upload files 

4) Setup global staff permissions


At some stage before HCF release there will be a queue system where our HCF ranks will get priority. 

If anyone has any questions please ask us on discord or reply to this thread where a staff member will help you. 

Contact me:
Discord: J0sh#0412
Twitter: @MortalMC_
IGN: Reblxtemp3r 

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